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Ancient Astronauts

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Recommended books on Ancient Astronauts

These titles, while not published by Plus Ultra Books, come with the highest recommendataion and endorsement of this brand, as a foundation-point for research into ancient Catastrophe. Please be aware that "Plus Ultra Books" tries to only recommend five-star books and products. These recomendations are an excellent spread of the highest-reviewed titles from the very best authorities on the subject.

Chariots of the Gods

The successor of authors such as Robert Charroux, Von Daniken trailblazed this era. Chariots was released in time for the First Man on the Moon, an era of exuburence, new discovery and excitement. Daniken's ideas challenged the world and he has garnered tremendous support for his ideas. See where it all began with this memorable and exciting read. ISBN: 978-0425166802

The Gods Never Left Us: The Long Awaited Sequel to the Worldwide Best-seller Chariots of the Gods

This is another BRAND NEW book from Eric Von Daniken. We know it is going to be awesome as he has sold 32 books to an international audience, in over ten different languages! ISBN: 978-1632651198

The Ancient Alien Question

In this brilliant and highly-recommended work by the late trailblazing author, Phillip Coppens, takes the reader on an investigative odyssey through the ancient alien phenomenon. Forwarded by Eric Von Daniken, Coppens is a top investigator and the voice of reason in sorting truth from fiction. This, makes it absolutely essential reading. One of his best. ISBN: 978-1601631985

Ancient Gods of the Maya: Extraterrestrial Technologies in the Temples and Structures

This BRAND NEW work from Von Daniken is a totally fresh update of all his existing and long-standing theories. It contains fresh information. Get ready for an adventure as Daniken takes a plunge into the Mayan landscape with over 200 colour photographs provided! ISBN: 978-1591432357

Remnants of the Gods: A Visual Tour of Alien Influence in Egypt, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy

This incredible work contains the photographic evidence that Eric Von Daniken claims supports his 'Ancient Astronaut' Hypothesis. Read it and be amazed! Receiving high reader ratings, it is the perfect visual complement and update, to Chariots of the Gods. ISBN: 978-1601632838.

The Lost Book of Enki

Zacharia Sitchin plots an incredible course through his re-interpretations of ancient history. In this work, the mythological tales of gods take on new and profound form. Interpreted through the perspective of high technology, ideas of 'ancient aliens' suddenly seem to replace quaint notions of ancient gods in spiritual form. In this work, Lord Enki, the Annunaki god, reaffirms and provides his own unique perspective, on the planet Earth, mined for its resources. In Sitchin's interpretation, Homo Sapiens was created for this very purpose! This is one of Sitchin's greatest works! ISBN: 978-1591430377.

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