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Confessions of the Gods

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Confessions of the Gods

By Charles Kos.

The Most Important book ever published on the Ancient Astronauts Phenomenon!

Recalls a pre-diluvian world no longer with us, and all of its technical excellence!

What happened to this world? How long ago was it?

  • We look at neglected pre-diluvian ancient texts which prove the existence, beyond question of a high-tech ancient world of wonder!
  • In short, what occurred in our scenario is that before the Toba Eruption, seventy thousand years ago, there was a great super-civilization. Spaceships, solar-system wide and possibly interstellar travel. We suggest that ancient Biblical books which purport to record the pre-Diluvian era are actually recording the Pre-Toba Era. We analyse ancient books such as the Lost Book of Adam and Eve and Other ancient texts such as the Mahabharata to decipher the code of what actually happened.

    It seems that history records that after the catastrophe, Giants rose up and attempted to reassert control. They were opposed by the Nephilim who had a more primitive technology. The giants reasserted control but after this the world again fell into chaos and loss of memory ensued…

    This is the latest and greatest book by Youtube identity, Charles Kos.

  • This book belongs in your 'Ancient Astronauts' library!
  • Features:

  • Was the Garden of Eden a Spaceship?
  • Devastating evidence of superweapons used on Earth!
  • Memories of a Great War between Giants and Nephilim, each employing high-tech devices!
  • How do we interpret the Fallen Angel story?
  • How long ago was this?
ISBN: 978-0987420831, 160 pp, Available in softcover.

For intellectual use only.

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