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In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza

What a pyramid? If this book is anything to go by, the definition of pyramid is changing. Hitherto a pyramid was something found in Egypt or the Americas. The author asked himself a question: `Why do enormous mounds in Europe or Asia, like the Egyptian pyramids, fail to contain a burial? The revelations continued from there. Here are some of what was revealed by an investigation:

  • The Giza pyramids reflect the sacred `three', Triple Goddess, and lead goddess of the Old Europe Civilization of the Balkans which preceeded Egypt. Its last vesiges flourished while the Old Kingdom rose in power.

  • Pyramids are generally, as of the Third Millennium BC, their heyday, not burials of men, but symbolic burials or homes for Gods. The real burials occur around them.

  • Pyramids are often astronomically aligned, wherever they are found, and within a symbolic landscape reflecting Stone-Age mythology, not what we know to be Egyptian mythology. This is because Pyramids are worldwide. Egyptian mythology is localised. This is partly why the Pyramid texts are unable to explain the pyramid religion.

  • The pyramid religion, as seen in Egypt, was often at its peak right in the beginning of its existence. In fact it seems to have evolved from mountain worship.

  • Find out the primordial earlier gods perhaps worshipped on the Giza plateau, in structures no longer extant. They were replaced by the Giza pyramids. It is like Cologne Cathedral replacing earlier structures, or Stonehenge replacing previous totem monuments. Giza builders remembered the earlier Gods and Goddesses, immortalizing them at Giza.

  • Find out the actual (possible!) purpose of pyramids. These were probably `harvest mounds', built for agricultural religious reasons. They contained a God, and possibly also Goddess, who was a helper to mankind.

  • Loki (Luficer) was held underground under the world mound, by three almighty stones. What is the relation of this idea to Giza?

  • In the first half of the Book, the author travels around Europe, noting shocking similarities in terms of mound building, with the pyramid building of Giza. Giza is representative of the vanished `Babel religion', as are other monuments, the world over.
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