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Confessions of the Gods

Ancient Egyptian Spells Not to Try at Home

In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza

Proof of the Gods

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Proof of the Gods

By Charles Kos.

THE SEQUEL to "The Most Important book ever published on the Ancient-Astronauts Phenomenon! which was 'Confessions'!"

Stunning evidence of a lost, Great Civilization.

In this masterpiece:

  • We chronicle a great, hypothetical lost-worldwide civilization, from its birth approximately 120k years ago to its demise, which must have been about 60k-10k years ago. Since then the entire world has been in a kind of stone ages.

  • This is the latest and greatest book by Youtube identity, Charles Kos.

  • This book belongs in your 'Ancient Astronauts' library!
  • Features:

  • The earliest Greek maps have a 'TORN-OFF SECTION'. We discover that this is because they were torn off of a WORLD MAP they did not understand! We reveal that world map!
  • Ancient Giants sailed the world, and had a worldwide empire!
  • The Secret to making their Terra Preta Soil!
  • A complete chronology of the Lost Great Civilization, and its odd demise!
ISBN: 978-0987420893, 344 pp, Available in softcover.

For intellectual use only.

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